Friday, September 23, 2016

College Football Weekly

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College Football Weekly

Boy oh boy do I love me some college football. Last weekend was full of trick plays, games that went down to the wire, an FCS team who beat a ranked FBS team, and so much more.


Let me hit you all with a short little recap from last weekend and this past Thursday night game. Let me get this out of my system now and say that OU’s backup QB should have kept his mouth shut because those Buckeyes walked into Norman with a purpose and walked out with a convincing victory silencing all of the critics who said they are too young of a team to beat OU on the road.  Moving right along North Dakota State needs to go ahead and join the FBS. They knocked off a 13th ranked Iowa Hawkeye team who in fact have been good over the past couple of seasons. But the Bison are a special FCS team; not only do they dominate in the FCS playoffs this is their 6th consecutive win against a FBS opponent, if that’s not impressive I don’t know what is. Everyone in the nation knows Louisville and their QB Lamar Jackson was the truth and would be a tough team to beat, but the way the beat the 2nd ranked team in the nation by a 43-point margin is absolutely absurd.

Remember when I released my top 5 receivers in the NCAA and I had Jonathan Giles of Texas Tech as one of the players to look out for; well check this out against Louisiana Tech the true sophomore had 6 receptions for 186 yards and 3td’s and on the season so far through 3 games he has tallied 19 receptions for 346 yards and 5td’s. Currently ranked 11th in the nation for total receiving yards and tied for 1st in total receiving td’s while there is plenty of time left in the season you all definitely need to keep your eyes out on him.


What happened to handing the ball to the ref’s when scoring a touchdown. Is that not a thing anymore? There have been 3 incidents where players have let go of the ball before they even break the plane, some of the calls go unnoticed like Joe Mixon’s return for a touchdown that he fumbled before he broke the plane. Others get blown by the ref saying the ball wasn’t recovered immediately like the call that was made in the Texas v. Cal game. Whatever the case may be players shouldn’t put their team in that situation or subject themselves to whatever potential outcome that could happen because they got a little too excited and opted to celebrate before they even score. I’m curious as to if this will be a reoccurring issue throughout the season, or will coaches implement touchdown rules like Urban Meyer did at Ohio State. I guess only time will tell. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments.

Weekend Outlook

We resume action this weekend with a lot of teams opening up in conference play. Currently the top 10 teams look like this: Alabama, Ohio State, Louisville, Michigan, Clemson, Houston, Stanford, Michigan State, Washington (probably the biggest surprise no one talks about but trust me they are good), and Texas A&M.

While I don’t think Clemson will win the ACC this year if Louisville can keep up this level of play, they seemed to have gotten things together offensively Thursday night against Georgia Tech outgaining them 442yds – 124yds which is pretty impressive. But after such a sluggish start I wonder what they seem to be missing.

Look for USC to put up a fight against Utah tonight as they search for their identity that they have yet to find.

Georgia and Ole Miss square off which should be an interesting game. Can Ole Miss’s defense stop Nick Chubb, and on the other side can Georgia stop the ferocious Ole Miss offense led by Chad Kelley.

Michigan State and Wisconsin meet up in their Big 10 opener which will probably be a low scoring slug fest. MSU coming off a huge win against Notre Dame looks to carry all of the momentum over to this weekend’s match up.

Games to Watch
Georgia (12) @ Ole Miss (23)
Wisconsin (11) @ Michigan State (8)
Penn State @ Michigan (4) – potential upset
Florida (19) @ Tennessee (14)
Oklahoma State @ Baylor (16) – while OSU is unranked due to some unfortunate blown call by an official, they usually match up well against Baylor no matter where they play.
Arkansas (17) @ Texas A&M (10) – Being played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.


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