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College Football Update

What in the world happened last weekend!

Playoff Picture

If you are a fan of college football and upsets you were extremely excited about last weekend. 3 of the top 4 playoff teams lost in some close match ups but the scenarios for the college football playoff just got a lot more difficult for the committee. This is the time of the year teams love to hate, and hate to love. But hey! As college football fans this is what we live for. Oh and its always a good time when Michigan loses. 
Here's the First round of rankings:

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Michigan

4. Clemson

5. Louisville

Let me stop right here. The fact that Louisville is 5 and Clemson is 4 bothers me. Simply because the only loss Louisville took came from Clemson. While Clemson is FRESH off of a loss to an unranked Pitt team. And it was a home loss. In my opinion Louisville is in the worst position. If they win out of the ACC they still won’t make the conference championship game if Clemson doesn’t drop another game since Clemson holds the tie breaker win.

6. Washington

7. Wisconsin

8. Penn State

9. Oklahoma

10. Colorado

11. Oklahoma State

12. Utah

13. USC

14. West Virginia

15. Auburn

16. LSU

17. Florida State

18. Nebraska

19. Tennessee

20. Boise State

21. Western Michigan

22. Washington State

23. Florida

24. Stanford

25. Texas A&M


So as it stands right now the Big 10 has potentially the best chance at getting 2 teams into the College football playoff. But here’s the thing; the big 10 has a conference championship; Wisconsin looks to be a sure thing for winning the BIG 10 west with their only losses coming from Ohio State and Michigan who are both in the Eastern side of things. As long as the win their last 2 games they are guaranteed a spot in the conference championship. As far as the east side of things go; that’s where things get a little more difficult. Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State are all tied for first in the east. Ohio State lost to Penn State who Lost to Michigan so if Michigan wins the rest of their games they will be outright in the East and play for the conference championship and likely have a bid to the CFP. Now If They lose a game they will be out of the conference championship picture and likely the playoff picture. Penn State if they win out they would have to rely on a Michigan loss to play for the conference title. Which is a possibility since Michigan Still has to travel to Ohio State putting them in a good spot for the playoff system even as a 2 loss team. Ohio State has the short end of the stick. If they win out and they need to rely on a Penn State loss to get into the Conference Championship. If Both Ohio State and Penn State win out Penn State holds the tie breaker and OSU is left out of the conference championship, but their strength of schedule will keep them in the playoff race. My Prediction – Ohio State & Penn State both win out. And the winner of the conference championship earns a spot to the college football playoff.

The ACC has a similar situation, if Clemson wins out they will make the conference championship game over Louisville, leaving Louisville out of the conference Championship and hoping for a playoff bid. Now the Michigan loss helped Louisville, and if they drop another game; Louisville is in better shape to sneak into the 4th spot, and it is possible that Clemson loses the conference title.

Washington is still in the race as long as they win out and win the Pac 12 Championship

The SEC is secure with Alabama at the top as long as nothing surprising happens, but the way they’ve been playing it doesn’t look to be so.

With so many possibilities it will be hard to miss a game in the next two weeks. Stay tuned for more upsets and possibilities.

Week 11 Highlights:

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