Friday, October 30, 2015

SKSergiokosco: CFB Week 9 Preview

By: Tre Bailey
SKSergioKosco Blogger

Is anyone else as sad as I am that college football is already half way over? I guess good things always come to an end. Until that end comes check here weekly for some of the latest and greatest updates

Weekly Recap

This week was your pretty average week of college football. Not much happened besides two more undefeated teams losing their chances at College football playoff hopes. USC bounced back in a huge way upsetting Utah at home in the rose bowl. But can we marvel at how Ju Ju Smith Schuster disrespected a Utah defender. I mean to point and tell someone to come here and hit them with a mean stiff arm to send them back to last week is just purely disrespectful. I have said it once and I will continue to say that the Pac 12 conference is the most competitive conference in the NCAA. For USC dealing with all that is going on and to straight up go out and capture a win against a team like Utah is something to build off of going into the second half of the season. Then there is Georgia Tech. Probably the most disappointing pre-season ranked team out there. With all of the hype for what a season they should have had they sure did disappoint. Except for this week upsetting Florida State, something no one could have seen coming. While I favored Tech in some match ups earlier this season they fell off in a major way. This win gets their name back out there even if their conference title hopes are through the window.

I cannot express how enjoyable it was to watch my Buckeyes win convincingly over Rutgers this weekend. Not only did JT Barrett impact the offense in major fashion, the defense made plays that needed to be made. Finally looking like the number one team in the nation out there. Now can we all take a moment and respect the fact that Baylor, no matter what the situation, will blow their opponent out of the water. This is one of the first games where they didn’t put up 60 points so kudos to Iowa State, but that offense is difficult to handle with a speedy defense that flies to the ball there is no way they can lose the conference this year.

My only complaint from the weekend is that Alabama found a way to win against Tennessee. I like the Volvs and the direction that the program is heading, and for them to lose a game like that kills team morale. For one if they beat Bama it would have completely ruined their chances at playoff contention which everyone except the state of Alabama wants to see. Secondly it gives Tennessee tons of confidence going into the rest of the season and next year. In other news Texas A&M is a joke. To start the season off red hot, and to lose 2 consecutive games in the manner that they did is just poor. For one they talk so much trash it’s almost sickening. For 2 to be a freshman quarterback, and throw a temper tantrum at your coach just because you’re not getting “sufficient” play time is just ridiculous, just wait it out and your time will come. Especially if the guy ahead of you is playing just awful. Lastly A&M needs to call it quits in the SEC. They need to somehow find their way back to the Big 12 so they can actually contend for a playoff spot. That is if they can beat Baylor and crew.

Memphis in Review

Memphis is absolutely rolling this year. 7-0 start and no signs of slowing down I absolutely love it. To see a team rebuild a program to rise into the national spot light is pretty admirable. Now the question arises, since Fuente has proved that he can turn a program around, and assuming that his contract is coming to an end; is it time for Memphis to start looking for a new Head Coach. With plenty of openings at some big named programs could we see Fuente fill one of those spots that are open? Or will he be one of those feel good stories where he stays and tries to turn Memphis into a recruiting hot spot. I guess only time will tell, but for now we can all watch and witness history be made for Memphis, and possibly see one of the first non-power 5 conference teams make it into the College football playoff picture.

Heisman Watch

It’s about that time of the year for Heisman candidates to be noticed. While this award is a season long watch. Here are just some of the names that I know will find their way to in the Heisman picture.
1)      Leanord Fournette- The current leading rusher and heart and soul of the LSU offense. For obvious reasons finding his way to the top of my list
2)      Ezekiel Elliot- The second best running back in the NCAA and probably one of the most versatile. A threat in the pass and ground game he is definitely a candidate.
3)      Trevone Boykin- The most dynamic quarterback in one of the most dynamic offenses. If TCU finishes undefeated he will definitely be in the race.
4)      Corey Coleman- I had the opportunity to play against him in high school and his playmaking ability is surreal. It has only gotten better during his career at Baylor.
5)      Christian McCaffrey- An absolute sleeper and playmaker for Stanford. Great ball carrying ability and deceptive speed.
6)      Paxton Lynch- Currently 7-0 and counting for the rebuilt Memphis program

Recruiting Spotlight

A new segment where I will highlight some of the best athletes in the nation on the high school level.
This week’s spotlight athlete:
Justin Madubuike DE senior Mckinney North High School
This defensive end has a ton of athleticism, a top 10 espn recruit for his position this kid has nothing but upside. His speed and strength on the edge is difficult for opposing tackles to handle. He has the ability to set the edge against any offense, and he has great tackling ability. His high motor gives him game long energy.
Currently committed to Texas A&M look out for this kid to be on some scouting pages for opposing colleges.

My Top 10

This is the part where I’ll be sharing my top 10 teams in the NCAA opposed to the current how it is now.
1.      Ohio State- Offense and Defense looking good and still undefeated. Only going up
2.      Baylor- the nation’s top offense capable of scoring in 30 seconds you can’t argue with that
3.      LSU- the best running back in the nation, and a defense that can chase the ball all around the field.
4.      Clemson- I like what they are doing out there offensively with Deshaun Watson calling the shots.
5.      Michigan State- Finishing the way they did, not giving up is admirable
6.      Alabama
7.      TCU
8.      Stanford
9.      Notre Dame
10.  Iowa

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SKSergiokosco: CFB Week 8 Preview

By: Tre Bailey
SKSergioKosco Blogger

I felt as if this image was a perfect way to start things off

Weekly Recap

Wow wow wow absolutely wow, the way the Michigan vs Michigan state game ended last weekend was one for the books. Probably one of the greatest finishes I have ever seen in college football history, let alone football in general. To return a fumble from the punter in the closing seconds of the game is truly a miracle, while I truly despise Michigan State I hate Michigan even more so watching them concede defeat due to a punting mishap is absolutely amazing. While I do feel for the punter who probably shouldn’t step out of the practice facility until the Ohio State game. I really enjoyed Michigan fall like that. While we are on the topic of Ohio State, Urban Meyer finally came to his senses and named J.T Barrett the starter this weekend. His performance against Penn State earned him the starting job. While Cardale is a true one of a kind athlete, J.T just adds an additional aspect to the Buckeye offense that isn’t there with Cardale. All there is to do now is get some timing down with his receiving core and look for the Buckeyes to be back in rhythm and on track to defend that title. Staying within the conference Iowa was able to remain undefeated after cruising to a 40-10 victory over northwestern. While we all had high hopes for Northwestern going into the season, these last two weeks have been nothing but tough for the wildcats. The Hawkeyes are off to one of the best starts in program history, and look to come out of the western side of the division to contend for the Big 10 title this year. Only time will tell as the Hawkeyes strive for perfection.

Meanwhile in the SEC Ole Miss falls to a very good Memphis team. Texas A&M isn’t able to back up any of that trash talk as they are absolutely manhandled by Alabama at home losing 41-23 I mean if you are going to talk trash to a consistent power program, and your school motto is BTHO ( insert opposing team name here) then I expect nothing less than a victory especially at home. I suppose Manziel was a onetime wonder capturing A&M’s sole victory against Bama back in 2012. LSU and Florida go down to the wire but the tigers withstand all late game attempts by the gators and pull out a 35-28 victory behind the legs of Fournette. While “what ifs” are a figment of the imagination. One can’t help wonder what the game would have been like if Will Grier hadn’t been suspend a week before one of the biggest games of the years. Personally I think he would have been that added dynamic the offense needed to push them to victory against the tigers. While Harris did an outstanding job keeping the Gators in the game, it’s just difficult to start when there is no rhythm between the QB and his receivers. Georgia and Missouri have an offensive shootout with Georgia coming out on top in convincing fashion 9-6. While the Gamecocks found their first SEC victory against Vanderbilt only one week after Steve Spurrier’s abrupt retirement. Auburn also finds their first conference win against an up and coming Kentucky squad who in the next few years will be a much underrated team.

Meanwhile in the ACC Clemson and Florida state continue to dominate. There honestly isn’t much of a conversation when it comes down to this conference what so ever. Every now and again Duke, or UNC. Or maybe even Georgia Tech will present some problems, but majority of the time the conference is run by these two programs on a yearly basis. I would like to see the ACC dominated by a rambunctious University of Miami team again. Now the early 2000’s were the days. Watching the U play without any cares in the world was some pretty darn good football, and I’m waiting for them to re surface to dominance like back in the day. Guess it’s time for shady recruiting, and paying the players like they need to be.

Moving back west to the big 12 my favorite to win Baylor is absolutely handling business. With one of the deepest receiving corps in the nation, it is nearly impossible to stop the Bears high octane offense. Think of it this way, the Bears have only scored less than 60 points one time this season, and that was opening day. TCU is still finding ways to win games even though they struggle early on. Although I still thing TCU is overrated they find ways to win games which is highly respectable. They struggled early against Iowa State, but ended up finishing them with a blowout 45-21 I still see them losing 2 games this year. Oklahoma bounced back HUGE against K-State in a 55-0 victory. I guess losing to UT lit a fire under OU’s belly and they realized that they knew how to play football. Texas Tech has regained some ground after dropping 2 straight to Baylor and TCU. At the pace they are going I wouldn’t be surprised if they only lost 1-2 more games. Their offense is better than ever against Patrick Mahomes, just defensive inconsistencies will be their downfall.

As I said before and I will say it again the Pac 12 is the most competitive conference in the NCAA. Stanford has come back from that terrible week one loss to prove that they are be best team in the conference. The 56-35 victory over UCLA only added to their resume of victories this season. Since Saturday UCLA found the taste of victory against Cal on a short week Thursday night. Freshman QB Josh Rosen set a school record for completions in a game with 34. Now let’s talk about probably the best team in the conference in UTAH. They are absolutely taking care of business this year, and don’t count them short they are the real deal. The UTES are playing some of the best football out there and are currently ranked 3rd in the nation. Now USC is still struggling, and probably will until they are able to separate themselves from the whole coach Sark ordeal. As for Oregon, we haven’t seen or heard much from them. Aside from having the best jerseys in the nation, the Ducks go from being a consistent top 5 team the past few years to unranked this year. Guess they are having trouble filling some pretty large shoes left by Mariota.

Memphis in Review

So who would have thought the Memphis Tigers would be off to a program best 6-0 start finding themselves ranked the highest the school has ever been at 18 in the most recent polls. Since taking over in 2012 the first couple of years were a struggle for Coach Fuente, as it is for most coaches taking over a program that has some rebuilding to do. Leading the tigers to a 10-3 record last season and the tigers first bowl victory since under Tommy West in 2005. Tiger fans could say Fuente has done a more than amazing job at reconstructing the program into the national spotlight. The tigers were able to find victory this past weekend against Ole Miss for the first time since 2004. The offense led by 6’7’’ QB Paxton Lynch has been able to put points on the board for the tigers all season long. While the defense is finding a proverbial 5th gear late in the game to be able to finish off opponents. This win over Ole Miss is one for the books for the tigers, and they are able to build off of this momentum over the next few weeks as they prepare to face one of their toughest conference opponent Houston followed by Temple the week after. Memphis has the potential to finish in the top 10 this year if they can continue to find ways to win football games. While Tulsa and Navy shouldn’t be an issue, it’s always the unranked teams that bring opponents down at their peak. If the tigers can get through this mid seasons threshold, and go into Houston full of confidence then I see no problem finishing their season undefeated, and ranked in the top 10.

Games of the Week

Texas A&M vs Ole Miss- Both teams coming off of embarrassing loses, they both look to bounce back. While Ole Miss found a way to beat Bama, I think all of that momentum has worn off since then. On the other hand A&M struggled severely against Bama showing none of their offensive strengths. This should make for a good game

Texas Tech vs Oklahoma- A lot plays into this game here. OU QB Baker Mayfield transferred from Tech so there’s that. OU seems to enjoy losing to unranked teams, Tech has an offense where their QB is the 3rd leading passer in the nation. I don’t like OU so I guess I am a little biased. I can see Tech giving Mayfield a reason that he shouldn’t have left in this potential upset

Utah vs USC – USC is looking to bounce back finally after consecutive losses, and UTAH is searching to strive for perfection. While USC has a great balanced attack that Utah defense is just difficult to play call against. Utah will most likely remain undefeated while this will be a pretty good game

Memphis vs Tulsa- Memphis looks to extend its winning streak to 7-0 which can only happen if they get past this Tulsa team. While Tulsa isn’t anywhere near of a threat that Ole Miss is, you still have to consider the fact that Memphis is on top, and conference opponents will look to knock them off of the throne. Expect a high intensity game from Tulsa as Memphis cruises by to victory (knock on wood)

My Top 10

This is the part where I’ll be sharing my top 10 teams in the NCAA opposed to the current how it is now.
1.      Ohio State- Still undefeated even though they are looking for offensive answers, they seem to keep it together and find ways to win the game. Despite not having to play a ranked opponent yet.
2.      Baylor- the nation’s top offense capable of scoring in 30 seconds you can’t argue with that
3.      LSU- the best running back in the nation, and a defense that can chase the ball all around the field. Well deserving of the number 3 spot
4.      Utah-Remaining undefeated Says a lot about a team
5.      Clemson- I like what they are doing out there offensively with Deshaun Watson calling the shots.
6.      Michigan State- Finishing the way they did, not giving up is admirable
7.      Alabama- although they beat Georgia in convincing fashion, they still lost a disappointing Ole Miss team
8.      TCU-Overrated but finding ways to win games
9.      Florida State- the Second Best team in the ACC
10.  Stanford-after a week one loss to only bounce back and win the important games matters

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Friday, October 16, 2015

SKSergiokosco: CFB Week 7 Preview

By: Tre Bailey
SKSergioKosco Blogger

By: Tre Bailey  

With coaching changes, and suspensions a lot has happened this week. These are the times a blogger like myself loves to be a part of. Let us begin

Weekly Recap

So I’m sure all of you caught the theme of upsets last week. Well let’s say that was foreshadowing to one particular game this past weekend. Texas played absolutely out of their mind Saturday in the red river shootout and I couldn’t have been more proud. Although I am not a UT fan to say the least I despise OU so anytime someone beats them I am 100% satisfied. Especially when they lose to an un-ranked UT squad who I did say had the talent to win that game. Look for them to build off of this confidence the rest of the season.

I must say I am finally satisfied with the numbers Ohio State put up against Maryland. While the terps aren’t the cream of the crop I do enjoy watching my buckeyes produce offensively like they are supposed to. As a fan I am excited to see if they can keep it rolling against a tough Penn State team this weekend. Staying in the conference Michigan State escapes Rutgers by a score of 31-24. While a 7 point margin is too close for comfort in many peoples book I must say MSU didn’t look like the second ranked team in the nation. As for their in stat Rival, They put up another shutout against Northwestern. While I didn’t expect Northwestern to be shut out; I did expect Michigan to keep the confidence they had been playing with since the week 1 loss to Utah. Now can they make it 4 straight this weekend against Michigan State? Everyone knows how the big house gets when State comes to town. Should make for one heck of a game.

If you have read my blog since week one you may know that I favor Tennessee just a little. I was disappointed when the lost to Oklahoma, and I am disappointed of how their season has turned out so far. Today I am no longer disappointed. Tennessee went out and handled business against a Georgia team who couldn’t get over last week’s loss to Alabama. On another not UGA didn’t have Nick Chubb who is out due to injury, but hey a win is a win in my book. Speaking of running backs; which SEC back has rushed for over 1000yds in just 5 games…. You got it Leanord Fournette. The best back in the NCAA, a young man who has so much potential. This kid is a mix between Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker. He straight abuses opposing defenses whether it’s with speed or strength. He can catch the ball out of the backfield, and he can provide that crucial block to pick up a blitz. He has it all, and come January he will have a Heisman trophy. LSU faces a good Florida team who just lost its leading QB to suspension. It’s almost impossible to stop Fournette so without Grier calling the shots I don’t think Florida has a chance.

In the Acc there are really only 2 teams to be aware of since Georgia Tech decided to fall off the face of the planet this year. To me Clemson is the best team in the conference. Deshaun Watson is your ideal dual threat QB. I’ve been watching him since he was in high school and boy does this kid have some talent. Clemson is pretty famous for producing speed and that’s what they have. That fast offense is difficult to contain and will definitely make a run for a playoff spot. While Florida State is a totally beatable team. They aren’t the same team that won the championship 2 seasons ago. They just don’t have what it really takes this year and I believe that undefeated record won’t last long.
How do all of you feel about Sarkisian getting fired from USC, and Will Grier being suspended for a year of Florida football? Let me know down in the comments! And if you haven’t go check out the breaking news post where I covered Sarkisian, Grier, and the retirement of Steve Spurrier

Texas Round up
Texas finally caught some good luck as we saw them beat OU in an exciting matchup

TCU barely beats Kansas State which only furthers my argument that they are one of the most overrated teams in the NCAA let alone ranked in the top 10

Baylor continues to show why they have the best offensive attack in the nation by putting up numbers to a basketball game on opponents.

Tech Bounces back from consecutive losses against Baylor and TCU and they do it in convincing fashion

A&M had the weekend off but faces Bama this weekend which should be a better game than last year

Houston finds themselves ranked after a 5-0 start to their season

Games of the Week
Texas A&M vs Alabama- after a disappointing loss last year the aggies seek revenge over the crimson tide. While many say the aggies haven’t looked impressive enough to beat Bama this year I believe it’s the other way around. Bama hasn’t been too impressive this year. They have improved since losing to Ole Miss but they still aren’t winning like they used to. I favor the Aggies in this one

Michigan State vs Michigan- with MSU struggles last week I see a confident Michigan team taking this one. While it’s painful to say the wolverines are just on a roll. It’s hard to stop a team who is playing good football defensively. Especially when they haven’t let up a point in 12+ quarters of football. And they are playing in Ann Arbor. This will be a tough road game for the Spartans. One can only hope they pull it off.

Ole Miss vs Memphis – To the average fan this game doesn’t mean much. But to all my Memphis fans this is your season in one game. This will determine whether your tigers become ranked or not. Ole miss has been on somewhat of a decline since that Bama win. And coming off a Bye week can be a huge advantage for the Tigers in this matchup. I would love to see another upset this weekend and would be more than satisfied to have more of a reason to call out the SEC conference.

Florida vs LSU- two un-beaten teams, one Heisman candidate, and one suspend quarterback. This game has LSU written all over it. For one Leanord Fournette. For two this is a home game for the tigers. If Florida finds a way to win this one look for them to win the SEC this year because the winner of this game will do just that.

My Top 10
This is the part where I’ll be sharing my top 10 teams in the NCAA opposed to the current how it is now.
1.      Ohio State- they are Going to have to Lose to drop any lower
2.      Baylor- the nation’s top offense capable of scoring in 30 seconds you can’t argue with that
3.      LSU- the best running back in the nation, and a defense that can chase the ball all around the field. Well deserving of the number 3 spot
4.      Utah- This team is getting Better and better every single week
5.      Clemson- I like what they are doing out there offensively with Deshaun Watson calling the shots.
6.      Michigan State- Too close for comfort last week against Rutgers
7.      Texas A&M- High powered offense with some defensive strengths
8.      TCU- Overrated but finding ways to win the close games
9.      Alabama- still not impressive enough to me
10.  Florida – It’s tough to lose your leader on offense and go out and win.

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Sergio Kosco UFC Pound-4-Pound Rankings

By: Dylan Smith (@FightMartian)

1. Demetrious Johnson
2. Jose Aldo
3. Ronda Rousey
4. Chris Weidman
5. TJ Dillashaw
6. Fabricio Werdum
7. Robbie Lawler
8. Daniel Cormier
9. Rafael Dos Anjos
10. Cain Velasquez

1. Demetrious Johnson

 After nearly three years of being the UFCs only flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson shows no signs of slowing down. "Mighty Mouse" has an impeccable MMA skill set, seamlessly blending striking, grappling, and submissions together with near perfect technique to create his own brand of dominance. DJ also has the highest fight IQ in the business, thanks in part to his longtime coach and mentor Matt Hume. Scarily, Johnson continues to improve with every title defense and has nearly cleaned out his division during his time on top. 

2. Jose Aldo

 Longtime featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo tops the UFCs official P4P rankings and for good reason. Aldo is #2 in my SK ranking simply due to his recent inactivity and his low 35% finish rate in championship UFC fights. I'm not taking anything away from Aldo, as a win over Conor McGregor will certainly justify a bump up to #1 but we will have to wait until December to see what happens. Aldo has proven to be one of the UFCs most dominate fighters over the past five years with his dangerous Muay Thai skills and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt backing him up as he has established himself as an all time great by being the only fighter to ever hold the UFC featherweight title. 

3. Ronda Rousey

 Ronda Rousey's resume speaks for itself. Sporting an unblemished 12-0 record with all 12 of those wins ending by either KO or submission, Rousey has proven to be in a class of her own in the women's bantamweight division. Rousey has a skill set unlike any other fighter in MMA, with Olympic level judo as her bread and butter to compliment her patented armbar, she has also showcased an ever improving striking arsenal. Until someone can figure out the buzzsaw that is Ronda Rousey, she will remain in my top 3. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SKSergiokosco: CFB Breaking News Update

By: Tre Bailey
SKSergioKosco Blogger

By: Tre Bailey  

Breaking News

What a week it has been in the college football world and its only Tuesday. Coaches stepping down, getting fired, and players being suspended. Let’s dive right in.

Starting on the East coast, University of South Carolina’s head coach Steve Spurrier decided to resign from his position after Saturday’s loss to LSU. A decision that came from Coach Spurrier after an abysmal 2-4 (0-4 SEC) start by the Gamecocks. In an interview; Spurrier said "My answer has always been the same: If it starts going south, starts going bad, then I need to get out. ... It's time for me to get out of the way and give somebody else a go at it." Spurrier felt that his time at USC has come to an end and that he should have left the program after last year’s bowl game. Now we have all seen coaches fired midway through a season due to lack of performance, and failure to meet program expectations. In this case, Spurrier felt as if it was best for the program if he departed, even after signing new defensive coordinator Jon Hoke in the offseason, in his mind nothing seemed to work out. Although he says this isn’t his retirement, he doesn’t believe he’ll be returning to any head coaching position at any program across the nation. At 70 years old; Spurrier is the second most winningest coach in SEC history behind the legend Bear Bryant. This may come as shock to some but as far as Spurrier’s concern, he’s leaving before the program forces him out. In the meantime Co-Offensive coordinator, and offensive line coach Shawn Elliot will serve as the interim coach until the Gamecocks can come up with a more permanent answer, or unless Elliot has an amazing rest of the season and scores the Head coaching job. While I don’t think Elliot will be the guy in the long run here are my top candidates and potential takers of the position

1)      Lane Kiffin- OC at Alabama while he was run out of town at USC I believe South Carolina provides a better environment for rebuilding than Southern California did. Especially with so SEC confidence under his belt I believe Kiffin would be a solid fit.

2)      Shawn Elliot- While he is currently the interim head coach, sometimes these things can become a little more permanent. All he has to do is Win and the job could be his, considering the circumstances, and probably some animosity from other coaches that could be his largest set back. I guess we will see how he rallies the troops for the remainder of the Season.

3)      John Chavis- DC at Texas A&M. while Chavis has no head coaching experience, he does have a remarkable resume. He left LSU for A&M and has completely changed their defense around. Chavis is probably one of the best defensive Coaches in the NCAA, and Carolina looking to rebuild their defense Chavis could be a popular option for the job.

4)      Kyle Whittingham- HC at Utah, while he is having a remarkable season at Utah this could be an opportunity to prove that he can hang in the toughest power conference in the NCAA. He has been able to find success without high caliber recruits. Imagine if he had the recruiting caliber that the SEC has to offer.

5)      Chip Kelly- Eagles Head Coach while this may be a longshot, consider this. If the eagles continue to struggle Kelly could find himself out of the NFL looking for work. South Carolina would be a great place for Kelly to be. While it is not the NFL, if he was able to resurrect the Gamecock’s program, he could most likely find himself right back in the NFL.

Staying with the topic of the head coach topic. University of Southern California coach Steve Sarkisian has found himself being asked to excuse himself from the program to enter himself in rehab for “undisclosed reasons”, so if you keep up with USC football and know anything about Coach Sarkisian you’d know he’s an alcoholic. He had problems before the season at the kickoff banquet when he gave a speech absolutely hammered, not being able to construct a sentence properly, and dropping a copious amount of F Bombs in a room full of alumni, donors, and boosters for the program. Shortly after being put on leave the university felt it was best to part ways with the troubled coach. Clay Helton the offensive coordinator will be the permanent interim coach for the time being, meaning that as of now this is his job to lose. It’s sad to see this once strong program slowly becoming a one stop shop for coaches. This will be the Programs 5th coaching change since 2013. With this has come some de-commitments, coaching changes within the program. We will see how the Trojans bounce back this weekend against Notre Dame.

Lastly some stressful news has passed through the University of Florida. Starting QB will Grier has been suspended from the program for a year after testing positive for PED’s. While he claims that it was an over the counter drug, you are still responsible for knowing the list of drugs that the NCAA allows. To me this is just an instance of immaturity if he is telling the truth. As a starting QB for a nationally recognized program, you must realize that there are always eyes on you. This goes for any NCAA athlete. All of these kids are under microscopes, and the NCAA would look for any reason to take away eligibility from any one of them. While I don’t think whatever it is he took contributed to the success that he has on the field he must realize that players will now look at him differently. He is going to have to win back the trust of his teammates, coaches, and friends. Hopefully his poor lapse of judgement doesn’t cost his team the season. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

SKSergiokosco: CFB Week 6 Preview

By: Tre Bailey
SKSergioKosco Blogger

By: Tre Bailey  

Week 6 Update

Another week has come and gone, and here I am behind the screen of my laptop bringing you guys some weekly updates. As you read this week’s article I want you guys to keep the word Upset in your mind. With that being said let’s move right along

Weekly Recap
So times are tough out here for a buckeye fan, what seemed to be a great season we had ahead of us has turned into a questionable, ride the edge of your seat type of season thus far for Urban and crew. It’s tough to be successful when you can get your offensive weapon the ball, and it’s even worse when your receivers can’t catch a cold in the winter. Defensively they stand up to the occasion, but injuries seem to follow success in most major sports. While I am grateful my boys are undefeated, I can only hope that they remain that way in the coming weeks. Staying within the conference Michigan continues to roll as the captured their second shutout against Maryland last weekend. As much as I’d love to see Ohio State ruin their dream season, Northwestern can handle the lightweight this weekend and bring the Wolverines back to their reality. To all my Badger fans please don’t worry Iowa isn’t as bad as you think, I mean the proved it by winning 10-6 against you guys last weekend, but you know its OK the Hawkeyes are often overlooked and forgotten. Northwestern, Ohio State, And Michigan State all remain undefeated, but the Spartans and Buckeyes only won by a combined 10 points…

Now a team that has continued to impress me now that they have brought to my attention are your Memphis tigers. Coming off of a fresh 24-17 gut check win, the tigers seem to have what it takes to be something special. You don’t have to blow everyone out to be a great team, and the Tigers are winning the games that they need to win, and mounting late game comebacks to keep their streak alive. Even better news is that they have a bye week, and will face a tired Ole Miss team here in 2 weeks this game will be closer than many expect, and I don’t expect Ole Miss to just run away with a victory; especially since they were embarrassed by the gators last weekend.

Speaking of the gators, Will Greir (a guy who I thought should have started last year) is the long lost answer to all of the Gators quarterback problems. If you haven’t watched this kid play I highly suggest you do. He has a great down field ball and is mobile enough to evade some of the quickest SEC pass rushers. He has led his Gator squad to a 5-0 start with a huge 38-10 upset over Ole Miss. Alabama also “upset” the Georgia Bulldogs this past weekend by a score of 38-10, this game comes to a small surprise to me seeing how poorly the Alabama offense has been playing lately, and how well Nick Chubb can run the ball for Georgia. Looks like Bama played its usual physical defensive game, and slowed the tempo down on offense. Whatever the case may be the Tide can roll again.
So as you all may know I’ve been paying close attention to UCLA this season, and when I tell you that the Pac-12 conference is probably the most competitive in the NCAA I mean it. The red hot Bruins couldn’t seem to get anything going last weekend against Arizona State, a game that I really didn’t mention but thought had the potential of being an upset. As disappointed as I am in the performance, it’s probably best for the Bruins. It seems that last weekend was full of upsets; Georgia falls to Bama, UCLA Falls to Arizona State, Clemson outlasts Notre Dame, Iowa downs Wisconsin. I love watching underdogs prevail…. Especially when unranked teams can ruin a ranked team’s season. Not to mention USC suffered a disappointing Loss to Washington last night.

Texas Round up
Since there were 2 interstate matchups between Texas teams I thought I’d show the home state some love.

TCU absolutely embarrassed The University of Texas, while many “fans” of the longhorns want to run Coach Strong out of town so early, I believe this man has something to show the whole Longhorn nation. While it may not be this season; Coach Strong has a class of highly talented recruits who are hungry to resurrect what was once a perennial power house UT program.

Baylor and Tech met out in Arlington, so if you’re of fan of high scoring and lots of offense this was a game for you. While the Red Raiders were able to stick around for much of the first half. That Baylor kicked it into gear and ran away with a 63-35 victory.

Even though A&M didn’t have an in state matchup, they were able to Remain undefeated in an easy 30-17 victory against Miss St.

Breaking News
It is often that we see players leave programs to declare for the draft in their respective sports, it’s a decision that needs to be made personally, and if you think you are ready. Myles Jack decided that it was his time to depart. While he is sidelined with a knee injury, Jack decided that it is best if he left the UCLA program to pursue his NFL dreams. My question to all of you is; do you support or are you against his decision. My opinion is simple, he is a grown man with a lot of talent. He didn’t want to spend the prime of his life rehabbing and going back to a game where he isn’t guaranteed anything especially doing it for “free” to me jack is a sure 1st round pick. He has great athleticism, and is just a natural for the game of football. You can always go back and get your Degree, while education is extremely important. Who is to say that if he returns to school that he doesn’t have a career ending injury to his already injured knee? Opposed to Coach Mora, I fully support this kid’s decision. It is one that is well thought through and can be admired as an important life decision.

Also what’s up with these coaches abusing players, are players becoming overly sensitive, or are coaches really crossing some lines here. First we have Mike Leach who is famous for making players sit in a un-air conditioned tool shed in the heat of Lubbock Texas, now you have Tennessee coach Butch Jones being accused of abusing players. What is this nonsense, since when do football coaches have to filter what they say to these players. While physical abuse is uncalled for and in no way shape or for appropriate, I have never heard of verbal abuse from a coach. Let’s see if this hinders Tennessee’s efforts against Georgia this weekend.
Games of the Week
Northwestern vs Michigan- This is a game that I hope Michigan loses. It is another test for the wolverines, while they are playing great football I just don’t think they have what it takes to beat this Northwestern team

Georgia Tech vs Clemson-While the jackets are unranked and have a 2-3 record; that doesn’t tell a whole story. The jackets are still a competitive football team and I believe they have what it takes to upset Clemson. Now the question us can they put it together to recover from this slump that they’ve been in

Oklahoma vs Texas -The good ole Red river shootout is upon us yet again. While Texas is facing some real struggles this season, this game is always where they seem to forget about everything and remember how to play football. Don’t be surprised if the longhorns give the Sooners a run for their money.

Cal vs Utah- A battle of the last UN beaten teams in the Pac-12. Cal has been a surprise this year, while this is their first matchup against a ranked opponent don’t sleep on the fact that they have found ways to win football games. While on the other hand Utah is still high off of that 42 point route they gave to Oregon on the road. Utah is playing inspired football which can account for a lot. Some may call this overrated but Utah is famous for playing traditionally well. This will be a good game to see who simply wants to win more

My Top 10
This is the part where I’ll be sharing my top 10 teams in the NCAA opposed to the current how it is now.

1. Ohio State- Still undefeated even though they are looking for offensive answers, they seem to keep it together and find ways to win the game. Despite not having to play a ranked opponent yet. 
2.Baylor- the nation’s top offense capable of scoring in 30 seconds you can’t argue with that 
3.LSU- the best running back in the nation, and a defense that can chase the ball all around the field. Well deserving of the number 3 spot
4.Michigan State- they dropped a little this week since they only won by 3 against a poor Purdue team
5.Clemson- I like what they are doing out there offensively with Deshaun Watson calling the shots.
6.Texas A&M- they are playing great football offensively and have one of the best defensive lines in the sec
7.Alabama- although they beat Georgia in convincing fashion, they still lost a disappointing Ole Miss team
8.Florida- with the way that they are playing right now look for them to only go up on my list.
9.TCU- I still think they’re overrated not playing a ranked opponent yet hasn’t helped their case
10.Utah- Beating a conference rival at home by 42 points says a lot about a team.

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