Monday, January 30, 2012

Dylan Brown Interview

Dylan Brown  Interview

New Team rider, Dylan Brown, Nollie 180

When did you feel like you wanted to take up Skateboarding?
    About age eight. I used to fantasize about skating way back when.haha

What's your favorite trick?

    I have two; 360 flip of course, and nollie inward heel.

What's the hardest trick you've landed?

    The hardest trick I've completed was a 360 flip down a six stair at a school out here in Bartlett. The  landing was rough and you had to land just right so you wouldn't hit a giant concrete pillar.

What's your favorite spot to skate?
     This is a tough question. It would probably be my old middle school. They had a fun little loading dock that you could learn to throw down on. Fun times there.

Who was your favorite skateboarder/s growing up? Who are they now?
    Growing up it was Bam Margera, as per usual. Every kid my age loved him. Now it's more like Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Torey Pudwill, Dylan Reider, and Arto Saari.

What's your life like outside of skateboarding?
     My life outside of skateboarding is pretty normal. I help my little brother with his homework, I help my mom cook, I hangout with people and go to school to get my education. It's far from perfect, but I make the best.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

SergioKosco 2012 Updates...

SergioKosco welcomes aboard Wes Eaton of Memphis,Tn, Wes will handle all of our exclusive video edits from here on out so look for those "Don't Blink" moments.
Being a skateboarder himself Wes has brought new creative ideas and I can personally feel the new excitement generated around the brand. Checkout some of the work of wessie07, and also look for his first skateboard edit with SergioKosco feb 2 . "Don't Blink"