Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Night Longboard..... by J.Ball

Winter Night Longboard from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

So my forte is basketball, which makes my last name perfect. It's my escape from the world. I see the same connection with extreme sports. There's a freedom associated with taking a board or a bike and exploring the world however you see fit. In the third and final part of the triptych's "Surfing the city" series, a group of skaters (Ra, nacho, Quique, Kati, Paula, Borja, Luis, Jorge y Guido) saw it fit to cruise under the night lights of Madrid. I think they captured it perfectly, and putting to Crystal Fighter's "At Home" was icing on the cake. The world is our home, go live in it...

Source:  Hypebeast

By J.Ball

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's Your Board Game Like?........... Exclusive Blog post by J.Ball,Chicago,IL

The people over at Skate Mental caught my eye with this one. Tupac and Biggie doing keg stands! Shouting out MJ with the famous glove! Our generation's black history (minus the kegs and the knife). These are more than boards...

Johnathan Ball
Sergio Kosco Consultant

Checkout more detailed photos...

Source: Atlas Skateboarding

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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Quick Chat With Sergio Kosco CoverBoy "Pat Morse" : Since the move from Memphis,Tn to Baton Rouge,La, what have you been doing lately?

Pat Morse: I haven't been doing much just hanging out with friends and riding pretty much. : Made any more BMX videos since the pretty sweet one we have on our blog?

Lil Pat in BRLA from Brock Gomez on Vimeo.

Pat Morse: No not yet but I do have one I've been working on, it should be ready soon.

(BREC Extreme Sports Park - Grand Opening) So tell me whats the next move for you in your BMX career?

Pat Morse: Not really sure of that I kinda just go with the flow of things, but I'm looking forward to a big Summer especially on the underground scene. Sergio Kosco has alot planned for you this upcoming summer, but have you ever delt with any other sponsers?

Pat Morse: Yeah sure I ride for Liquor bikes, Savage South ,and Steez clothing as well. I'm also excited about the oppertunity to work with Sergio Kosco.

(Exclusive Sergio Kosco BMX fitted Jacket in photo available July/August 2011 only at

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To be continued......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Please............. "Don't Blink"

Me again Sergio Kosco founder "Watts".. This coming July/August'11 is the launch of my brand " Sergio Kosco" ,this is not a t-shirt company please don't get it twisted. We at Sergio Kosco are a growing "BRAND", and right now we're a BMX, skateboard, and extreme sports clothing brand.I'll personally make sure we deliever the lastest and hottest BMX,skateboard and extreme sports apparel, videos, and the lastest information so please if you have a video that relates too my growing site send it in! lol. Ohh yeah from Memphis,TN to Baton Rouge,La, and the world check out the "Exclusive Sergio Kosco BMX fitted Zip up jacket" I'm wearing only at coming very soon.

Until next time because you know I hustle.... "Don't Blink"

Sergio Kosco,Founder

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BMX Rider Pat Morse blog interview coming 2/18/11... Sergio Kosco Updates...

Pat Morse has a busy summer ahead, but he sat aside some time to talk to me about his upcoming plans for the summer (Dew Tour Hopefully?). Also checkout the exclusive Sergio Kosco fitted BMX cardigan jacket he has on in this photo above (Cover Boy Special), set to release alone with this Ausgust 2011 "Don't Blink" . Check back in a few days for the blog interview..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nigel Sylvester x Stevie Williams 2011 The TAKEOVER TOUR Trailer

Sport is art, and this summer THE TAKEOVER TOUR will showcase the art of BMX and skateboarding. Check out this dope trailer featuring the headliners in their crafts Nigel Sylvester and Stevie Williams. The tour will be an event in sport like no other when skateboards and bikes collide. There will definitely be some don't blink moments.