Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Memphis Skate Park (All Most There!)

Tobey Skate Park/Memphis,TN

Skatelife Memphis

All most there are the right words, This is a photo of week 10 of the construction going down at Tobey Skate Park. Skatelife memphis is following this project step by step. The Tony Hawk Foundation has donated skate boards, helmets and knee pads for the Skatelife movement with Marshaun down at Greenlaw community center receiving one of the boards in this video below.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SERGIO KOSCO: ATL: DC Thompsom Showcases The SK FItted Tee ( Checkout The Video)

SK in ATL from kyle askew on Vimeo.

Big shoutout to Kyle Askew now with Tree Bike co. for filming this edit for us, definitely looking forward to linking back up with this guy. DC Thompson, Nesbit,Ms, is a dirt riding country boy, but we took it to the skatepark for a different look to showcase the SK fitted tee. Look for exclusive videos from Sergio Kosco to drop in the coming months.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lil'Wayne Takes A Hit While Skateboarding

Courtesy of the Skatepark of Tampa/ESPN

The celebrity news site TMZ first reported that Lil Wayne was rushed to the hospital after sustaining a wound above his left eye while skating at a skateboard park in St. Louis, Mo. Sunday night. Wayne, the iconic rapper has been known to skateboard on occasion and was even granted a late night private skate session at the Skatepark of Tampa (home to the highly regarded annual Tampa Pro and Tampa Am contests earlier this month).
Wayne, the Grammy Award winning artist, had nine stitches put in after the fall and tweeted about it:

"The Lou was good but I busted my f---in head at the sk8park ! 9stitches! Gnarly gash over my left eye!"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sergio Kosco Welcomes Aboard Cory Burks As Brand President!

Cory B,President of Sergio Kosco

Cory B brings alot to the table with his mom owning a print company based in Olive Branch, Cory B was always around learning the tricks of the trade from not only the printing stand point, but also the business side as well. Now Cory B will bring that knowlegde and his bright ideas to Sergio Kosco filling the role of President of the Brand focusing on brand evolution, Printing, marketing, and he's also expressed intrest in doing alot of ground work.
Making great strides to establish a world known BMX and Skateboarding brand Sergio Kosco has now added Jimmie Lenard,DC Thompson,and Cory b to the Brand with each bringing there own unique talent. Let's Get It!

Jimmie Lenard,Team Sergio Kosco


Saturday, August 20, 2011


I'm loving the state of Mississippi right now believe me, first let me send a hugh shoutout to DC Thompson for the great work ethic since coming on board to Sergio Kosco.

With DC's help we're looking to land our first Skateboarder in Jimmie Lenard from Southhaven,Ms.

On Dc's word this guy has some serious skillz, 2012 he'll be showcasing those skillz in the SK fitted. Let's Get It!

Friday, August 12, 2011

SERGIO KOSCO: 2012 Will Be The Year of SK

Sam Daniels

Sorry fans ;( but like i mentioned in a past blog Sergio Kosco will be releasing the Brand in the Summer of 2012, but look for "Exclusive Giveaways" as the year ends.

Dominique Watts Sergio Kosco,Founder

Too the Dew Tour we go, look for that SK in the crowd as I pass you by. This Alli event should bring major intention to the Skateboarding as well as the BMX scene worldwide. Still looking to sponser more riders and skateboarders for next years event calendar. Too the Top we go! Wat up DC!
DC Thompson/Nesbit,MS

Monday, August 1, 2011


Alot of progress has been made and I'm really excited about the growth of Sergio Kosco. After trips to Atlanta,Ga (Twice), Austin,Tx, Dallas,TX, Baton Rouge,La, and New Orleans I really felt the vibe of the market and the growth potential of Bmx and Skateboarding in the south. In 2012 Sergio Kosco is looking to sponser the Texas Toast Jam for a second stright year in Austin,TX, also SERGIO KOSCO has set back the release of the brand to the 2012 summer. We will release a SK commercial edit featuring DC Thompson, which I'm sure our fans will love. Later in the week Sergio Kosco is also posting an Exclusive Blog on DC Thompson, who drove from Nesbit,Ms, to a photoshoot Sergio Kosco had in Atlanta,Ga


Sergio Kosco is looking for more jaw-dropping talented BMX riders and skateboarders to market our brand in local and worldwide events. Please e-mail us at sergiokosco@gmail.com.