About Sergio Kosco

Sergio Kosco was founded in 2009 by Dominique D. Watts Sr. Evolving from just big ideas and artwork, Sergio Kosco is on the brink of becoming a Global sportswear brand that was built for athletes world-wide.

SergioKosco™ is your alter-ego in every athlete. When your team is down one with 3 seconds left and your're at the free throw line, when your're up at the plate with a runner on third at the bottom of ninth with the game tied, in the 12th round when you've been punished all night in the ring and you see your opponent has his guard down for the first time, these are the moments that SergioKosco™ is revealed in the athlete. As a sportswear brand we pride ourselves on delivering quality sportswear and training product that will help athletes accomplish once thought unreachable goals.


  1. Mr. Watts! Nice site, I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Thanks alot! I'm just getting started.