Sunday, December 26, 2010

What is "Sergio Kosco"

What is Sergio Kosco?  I hear it all the time now, Sergio Kosco is when you're at max level, your 15 minutes of fame, top notch moment. When the BMX rockstars of Sergio Kosco perform, this is the only level that's accepted. We take pride in creativity and innovation in sport and fashion. The first collection of Sergio Kosco (pics coming soon) will include fitted t-shirts and cardigan-fitted hoodies.  Also, an exclusive collaboration with Carl Hess( described by president Barack Obama as an artist with an tremendous talent. The future is now for the bmx, skateboard, and extreme sports world and the new brand of the future is Sergio Kosco.  Sergio Kosco will deliver the best creative design on BMX and Skateboard apparel and present the art of extreme sports. 

"Don't Blink"

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sergio Kosco "COVERBOY"

Check out Pat Morse aka Lil' Pat, recent signee of Sergio Kosco, doing some of the south's best bmx tricks.  I'm really excited about the launch of Sergio Kosco in 2011, and it my pleasure to have Lil' Pat on board with my movement.  Watch out for Lil' Pat in the upcoming 2011 X Games and on the underground bmx scene.  Special shout out to Brock Gomez (Luling, LA) for producing the video.  The future is now...

Lil Pat in BRLA from Brock Gomez on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sergio Kosco Introduction

Hello World this is Dominique Watts the founder of Sergio Kosco and Sergio kosco. com, I will be personally giving you “Exclusive” updates about Sergio Kosco and upcoming release dates. I look forward to introducing the world to the BMX world on a whole new level.. I have a great team with people from Chicago,Atlanta,Baton Rouge, and Memphis. Also for news  Sergio Kosco is collaborating with Carl Hess (world know artist, just for the record!)

for a limited edition T-Shirt design, sad news is there will only be 10 made (Summer 2012). The release date will be shortly after the Launch of Sergio which is currently under-construction and set to launch summer 2011. Sergio Kosco looks forward to a successful upcoming year.

Until Next time,
Dominique Watts, Founder of Sergio Kosco