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By: Colton Smith 

The 2016-2017 NFL preseason has began, even though its not the regular season football fan's rejoice that football is even on. Here at Sergio Kosco were gonna take you through all the major games of preseason and the regular season. So sit back and relax and get ready for some of the best NFL coverage you can find on the Internet.

Week one of the preseason was not a disappointment, many teams showed off their new rookie talent. The first major game that took place was the New Orleans Saints vs the New England Patriots on Thursday night, everybody and there mother was excited about this game reason why was because everybody wanted to see how Jimmy Garoppolo would actually play against another strong team. The new Starting quarterback for New England for 4 games did not disappoint, he threw for 11 of 18 with 168 yards. Also showing off a lot of different skill sets, He handled the Saint's pressure extremely well. He seemed comfortable in the pocket, made key plays when needed them. By the end of his playing time in this game you could tell he was ready to take control of this Tom Brady's offense, its gonna be exciting to see how he does in the regular season.


The Saints started off great, with Drew Brees dropping a bomb to Brandon Crooks for a huge gain on the 1st drive but ended tragically when the starting running back Mark Ingram fumbled it, shortly after that saints just seemed to just go on a fast decline. After Drew Brees came out of the game the Saints 3rd string quarterback Garrett Grayson came into the game he's 1st throw was a tipped pick six by the outside linebacker Jamie Collins, after that the game was just in the hands of the patriots for the rest of the game.
The Ending score was 34-22 Patriots.

Saturday's big game was the Dallas Cowboys vs the Los Angeles Rams. The main player that people were looking forward to seeing play was Ezekiel Elliot, but it was a game time decision by the Cowboys to not play him. The Cowboys had some great plays made by Dak Prescott through out the whole game, counting this year is his first year in the NFL he showed a lot of  skill that he used back in his Mississippi State days, But at the end of the Day the Cowboys still couldn't get it done.

They lost 24-28.

The man the of the game himself was the number one draft pick of 2016, Jared Goff all eyes were on him in the as he made his NFL debut. He didn't play all that great in all honestly he seemed a little tense and was taking on some major blitz plays thanks to the Dallas Cowboys. During half time Jared told the medical staff that his shoulder was "stiff and sore" so Jeff fisher the Head coach of the Rams decided to hold him out for the rest of the game. Goff Finished the game 4-9 with only 38 yards, hopefully we will see more of Goff before the regular season starts.

The last major game of the weekend was the Houston Texans vs the San Francisco 49er. This was the first time that Texans fans would be able to see  Brock Osweiller in a Texans uniform, the Texans this year has one of the best wide receiver core in the NFL so Osweiller has the weapons to get the job done, but this preseason game he struggled the whole time he was out there. He went 4 of 7 with only 27 yards, counting he only played 3 series and under pressure the whole time , we would all still think that he would be able to produce something counting that he worked with one of greatest of all time for 3 years. besides the poor play of Osweiler the defense seemed to step up and finish the game for them, they had a scoop and score in the first quarter and just made plays to keep the 49er's out of the game,

Texans won 24-13.

On the other side of the field the 49er's had some great play by the new starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert he threw a gorgeous touchdown very early in the game, its good to see that a defense like the Texans doesn't faze him in anyway and is still able to get it done. Chip Kelly the new Head Coach of the 49er's seemed happy about Gabbert's solid 2016 debut but the 49er's still couldn't get the job done on offense or defense the Texans rained supreme on both sides of the ball through out the whole game.

The NFL season has just began and we have already seen so many great plays all over the league, now as fans and lovers of the sport we get see the action unfold right in front of us this 2016-2017 is not gonna disappoint in anyway! Be ready for some great plays, nail biting games and so much more, and here at Serigo Kosco were extremely excited to say that we will be right here for every major game(s) of the season!  

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