Thursday, March 29, 2012


 Everything is looking great for the release of our new site on June 1st, I'm stoked about the SK skate team  (Dylan, Skyler, Jimmie, Chris, Brady, Jenks, Josh, and Marvin). Look for there bio page on soon also they'll be looking to deliver "DON'T BLINK" moments all over the web thru video edit and in as many events as we can make this year. Big shoutout goes  to Aaron Shafer of and many others for working hard daily to get approval from the city for a skateboarding event at Tobey skatepark recently built here in Memphis,TN. I'm hoping for a June 1st event date myself. Also lookout for our first BMX edit of the year featuring "RICKY MOSELEY" RELEASING.... JUNE 1ST!

What is Sergio Kosco? I hear it all the time now, Sergio Kosco is when you're at max level, your 15 minutes of fame, top notch moment, it has been called the ultimate transformation. When the Skateboard and BMX rockstars of Sergio Kosco perform, this is the only level that's accepted. We take pride in creativity and innovation in sport and fashion.



Street League Skateboarding has announced the 2012 schedule for the DC Pro Tour fueled by Monster Energy with stops in Kansas City, MO; Ontario, California; Glendale, Arizona; and Newark, NJ.. Tickets for the 2012 season will go on sale April 2nd at The series will be available live on ESPN2, ESPN3, Street League's official facebook page, and distributed to over 198 countries via the ESPN Family of Channels.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



ESPN's  Seb Carayol had a great interview with Frankie Hill

After so many injuries Frankie showed in this edit that he still had the "JUICE"!


Frankie Hill skates for Hill Skateboards, Gullwing Trucks, Loyal to Your Soil clothing, Less Fashion More Thrashin clothing, Easy Studio Costume and Nightmare griptape.

Source: espn,youtube



 SergioKosco is definitely looking for the best pieces to fit for the SK skate team, looking to hit the road this Summer with a purpose to deliver "Don't Blink" moments. Coming stright out of Birmingham, Alabama, Marvin Hicks is someone we're looking to add to the SK family. Checkout this preview of Marvin and take notice to "PROJECT: THE SOUTH TAKEOVER."

Don't Blink: SergioKosco will be releasing a new skate edit this week...Congratulations to new SK team members Brady Tice and Josh Wilhite, they along with Skyler King ripp'd the city of Memphis this past weekend in the exclusive SK Tee so make sure you check back! Our online store will be up and running by June 1st!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


 Big shoutout to Jocky also a member of the fast rising band Skyline Divide for sporting the exclusive SK SergioKosco tee. This tee alone with many other items will go on sale June 1st on "Don't Blink". Working hard on a daily to get this skateboarding event going by June, you can bet your last dollar that these guys will hit the stage... Checkout the latest single "Premonition" from Skyline Divide!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SergioKosco SK Jacket... Inventory Looking Good For Summer Release!

Before the temperatures start to reach the 90's and above this Summer, wanted to give you another sneak peak at our SK SergioKosco fitted jacket for those brezzy nights and early mornings.

If your looking to rip'it on the street, dirt, or just looking to cruz, this is the perfect fitted jacket for you. Look for it exclusively on this coming Summer. " Don't Blink"

 Checkout SK team member JENKS putting on a show in the SK Fitted Jacket in this edit filmed at Tobey Skatepark in Memphis,TN.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Advent Sesh 03.17.12

The Advent Session was a wonderful event two thumbs up for the Advent Session, with a great turnout I meet alot great people.. David Shotsberger and Aaron Shafer gave me alot of motivation, even got there in time to help with the ramps..

 This was the first skating event I attended that I really saw the little guys rip it the way they did, you  could feel the love for skateboarding and there was also alot of famliy support everywhere. Here are a few pictures taken by Nanette Crawley.. I also got a little footage while I was there..

David Shotsberger had the coolest socks in the crowd with the St.Patty's green knee highs..

I can't wait for the next session!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Josh Wilhite Raw Edit

 This coming Sunday we're branching out around Memphis,TN, and Mississppi shooting a Monster edit featuring a few new faces in Josh Wilhite and Jourdon Jones. Here's a raw edit filmed by Kris Gurley of Josh Wilhite check it out.

Josh Wilhite Raw Edit from Kris Gurley on Vimeo.

Friday, March 16, 2012


More edits are soon to come, we're getting better everday in the film department, thanks a milli "Wessie07". The SK store will be up and running by the end of May no later than the beginning of June sorry for the wait, but it's gonna be an exciting summer! Our online store will not only sell SK branded tees, but also Skateboard decks mostly designed by "Wessie07", here's a sneak preview of what's to come...

Dominique Watts, SergioKosco founder:

 Again I say sorry for the wait! "DON"T BLINK": Update on the SergioKosco contest here in Memphis,TN coming shortly.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Gaining positive momentum on the skate/bmx scene, not to mention we've also gotten a few shoutouts from a few fashion designers and that's a great sign. Special thanks to Dylan Brown for ripp'n our latest edit here in Memphis,TN, at Houston Skatepark before his flight to Cali, also two thumbs up for Brady Tice who gave us a sneak peak of the skillz!

After this awesome edit filmed by wessie07 checkout the Dylan Brown interview// "Don't Blink"//

Dylan Brown Interview

New Team rider, Dylan Brown, Nollie 180

When did you feel like you wanted to take up Skateboarding?
About age eight. I used to fantasize about skating way back when.haha

What's your favorite trick?

I have two; 360 flip of course, and nollie inward heel.

What's the hardest trick you've landed?

The hardest trick I've completed was a 360 flip down a six stair at a school out here in Bartlett. The landing was rough and you had to land just right so you wouldn't hit a giant concrete pillar.

What's your favorite spot to skate?
This is a tough question. It would probably be my old middle school. They had a fun little loading dock that you could learn to throw down on. Fun times there.

Who was your favorite skateboarder/s growing up? Who are they now?
Growing up it was Bam Margera, as per usual. Every kid my age loved him. Now it's more like Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Torey Pudwill, Dylan Reider, and Arto Saari.

What's your life like outside of skateboarding?
My life outside of skateboarding is pretty normal. I help my little brother with his homework, I help my mom cook, I hangout with people and go to school to get my education. It's far from perfect, but I make the best.


3-14-2012 Austin, TX

Source: mahonneyskateboards

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Bull Mind the Gap Atlanta

Red Bull Mind the Gap, Atlanta, Georgia: April 21, 2012... (An invite only am contest) Last years clips..

Red Bull Mind the Gap in Atlanta from Rob Meronek on Vimeo.

Source: skateparkoftampa

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome To The Dust Bowl!

When you send your edits, I check'em out then I post'em. Just love to see the "Don't Blink" Moments, big shoutout to Jourdon Jones and the rest of these guys!

Dust Bowl Blues

Was surfing youtube and came across the dust bowl blues...

houston skatepark.conner booth,connor bran,omar garcia flores,darius king,hunter utley,joseph david liberto dowlling,coleton loughridge,tyler nelson,jack carlson,jamie finch,taylor bradley,potsy,bernard

Source: Youtube

CHERUBIM Air Line Bike

Toyko-based custom bike shop CHERUBIM introduces its Air Line model, a concept bicycle imagined and constructed by breaking all traditions and regulations that hinder creativity.

Featuring a graceful red coat, the Air Line’s form is designed to avoid any right angles or hard edges that in typical bicycles cause wind resistance.

Throughout the history of cycling, aero dynamics has been a central focus of designers, and the “Air Line” pushes the boundaries of physics in hopes of reaching new possibilities in terms of speed, in particular at the Velodrome and Hour Record time trials.

Source: Hypebeast

Saturday, March 3, 2012

SERGIO KOSCO: Making A Statement...

This upcoming Summer SergioKosco is looking to hit the road city by city to showcase the brand, so when you see the logo just know... "Don't Blink"

Here's a few events coming up soon..

Red Bull Mind the Gap*

Atlanta, Georgia: April 21, 2012

Damn Am Atlanta Presented by Nike SB*

Atlanta, Georgia: April 20 - 22, 2012

Extra: Nashville,TN: At 6th Avenue skatepark's 9th Anniversary contest Skyler King,SK Team, made it to the finals but came up short. Skyler, Dylan, and Jimmie gave it there all and it looks like Atlanta might be up next... "Don't Blink"