Friday, April 26, 2013

Hobo Sk8 Team Q&A

Big shout out to the HoBo Sk8 Team for doing this Q&A with

SK: So how was the Hobo Skate Team assembled?
Nick Giannino:   Well, Zach Conner and I (Nick) went to school together starting in 2010. We met Adrian and Wakinyan at Tobey Skatepark.

SK: Who's on the HoBo Skate Team?

Nick Giannino:  The team members are Zach Giannino, Nick Giannino, Wakinyan Adams, Conner Nestler, and Adrian Akin.

SK:  How did you guys come up with the name HoBo?

Nick Giannino: When we decided to make a skate team, we wanted to name it the most random thing we could think of, and the first thing that came to mind was Hobo.

SK:  How often does the team skate together?

Nick Giannino:  We skate together just about every weekend, and sometimes during the week. It's hard to skate on week days because we are all still in school.

SK:  What's the favorite skate spot for the HoBo Skate Team  here in Memphis, TN?

Nick Giannino:  We all love skating at the University of Memphis and whatever spots we come across.

SK: Do you guys plan to enter any events this summer?

Nick Giannino: We are going to compete in any local events that occur. And we're going to compete in the Free Flow contest at 6th Avenue skate park in Nashville. Since we make boards, we were also thinking of holding a best trick contest of our own at one of our favorite spots. We're working on it all now.

SK: The sky is the limit guys!