Friday, October 7, 2016

College Football Weekly

by (@trebailey14)

College Football Weekly

It is now week 6 in college football play and this season so far has been more than exciting. We have so far seen plenty of upsets, exciting down to the wire games, last second Hail Mary’s, and much much more.


So I didn’t post last week due to a Thursday game here at Texas Tech so we have some catching up to do. Going back to week 4; not much exciting happened in my opinion besides Wisconsin absolutely embarrassing Michigan State on their home turf, and Ole Miss being able to beat Georgia in Convincing fashion. Fast forward to week 5 and now we are in business. Who would have thought Washington was THIS good; I mean I knew they were a tough team but I didn’t see them being Stanford by 38 points. In fact, I don’t think anyone saw that coming. Ohio State continues its dominance with a young team. This makes you think are they the real deal, or have they yet to find someone who is able to push them to the absolute limit. I was rooting for Wisconsin to beat Michigan but with an amazing last second interception. Michigan was able to hang on by the hair on the back of their neck. Miracles still exist as Tennessee wins off a Hail Mary as time expires to beat Georgia, mind you this happened after Georgia had just thrown a hail mary of their own which seemed to be the game winner. North Carolina upsets Florida State in Tallahassee which they haven’t done; ever. Indiana takes Michigan State the distance and holds off with a 3-point win in overtime. In what was possibly the matchup of the year, Clemson was able to fend off a powerful Louisville offense to bring home the win. Now this game had tons of implications, yet Louisville isn’t out of the playoff picture quite yet. There is a possibility that we could see both Clemson and Louisville playing in the college football playoff this season, now tell me that won’t be exciting. 2 non SEC teams in the playoff would be great.


As we all may know by now LSU decided to part ways with long time coach Les Miles. While the tigers have been struggling as of late this decision to some may not be a shocker. The tigers have been struggling offensively for some time now, and can’t seem to have consistent play at the quarterback position. They also seem to lose leads late in the game. It won’t be long before Les finds himself at the helms of another program, and you can nothing but respect the way he still supports the tigers and whishes the team the best during the rest of the season.

News coming from the BIG XII; Texas head coach Charlie Strong will be taking over the defensive responsibilities for the Longhorns. While former defensive coordinator Vance Bedford has been demoted to the defensive backs coach. This is a smart move by the longhorns who have been struggling to hang on to game to close out for a win. With Strong calling the defensive shots you can expect to see a better scheme and players fit for the Charlie strong vision. On the other hand, if Charlie doesn’t see success even after taking over as the DC; could we possibly see the longhorns pursue Les Miles? I suppose only time will tell.

Weekend Outlook

Currently the top 10 teams look like this: Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Michigan, Washington, Houston, Louisville, Texas A&M, Tennessee and Miami.

OU and Texas face off in the Annual red river shootout. This game means a great deal to both programs. OU is looking to find an answer to the slump they’ve been in. Texas looks to knock OU off for a second consecutive year. Both programs are 2-2 and out of the playoff picture. But with how shaky the conference the winner of this game may be able to sneak into the top of the conference.

College Game day is in College Station this weekend as Tennessee and A&M face off in a top 10 matchup. It seems as if the Aggies have some consistency at the QB position this year, and from what it looks like Tennessee’s leading rusher may be sidelined with an injury.

Florida State is looking to bounce back and end Miami’s undefeated season.

Games to Watch

Alabama (1) VS Arkansas (16)
Florida State (23) VS Miami (10)
Virginia Tech (25) VS North Carolina (17)
Indiana VS Ohio State (2)
Texas VS Oklahoma (20)
Tennessee (9) VS Texas A&M (8)


Week 4

Week 5