Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skateboarding on the roof... Call him Tunechi!

Mr.Carter finds time to free his mind and work on his skateboard skills, with a new carter 4 released and sales soaring, Tunechi takes his talents to his own roof. Source: iskateboarding.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

SergioKosco presents... C.Holley

so·cial·ite :Noun: A person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activity. This is what C.Holley does so well for SergioKosco, and with a evolving look coming in 2012 look for pimpjuice to introduce the world to SERGIO KOSCO!
Just thought I'd step away from the project lab and give C.Holley a big S/O! We're doing our best to market this brand in the best way we feel possible and it's great people like C.Holley that quarterback what get's advertised.
C.Holley out on the town sporting the 2012 fall edition SK fitted Jacket in Memphis,Tn, Shown here with Young Dolph.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Welcome To Deluxe - Aliano's & Villij

Go to The Union for more videos.
In some of these scenes it reminds me of the Texas Toast Jam, S/O Taj! Great BMX dirt action...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

5Boro 2011 Holiday Video....NICEEE!

5BORO HOLIDAY '11 CLIP from 5BORO on Vimeo.

I dig the blues tune and loving the camera movement, not to mention the awesome skate around the sercurity guard scene was dope! Source: Hypebeast

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tobey Park Official Grand Opening with Mayor Wharton - Nov 9th @ 5 pm

We wanted it Memphis and now we have it, our very own skatepark located right behind 2599 Avery Avenue. If you have free time available Wednesday Nov,9,2012, please come out and support the grand opening of Tobey Park. Source: SkatelifeMemphis

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bruno Mars... Can't Get this Song Out my Head!!!

With well over 220 milloion views, The Lazy Song by the one and only Bruno Mars is one smash hit I just can't get out my head! I play it  right before a long day and after it's finished..This is a CLASSIC in my eyes! Source: YouTube

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tobey Skatepark! MEMPHIS,TENNESSEE! We Ready!

 Excited is the only word I really can think of when I drive by Tobey Skatepark here in Memphis,Tn, it's really been like I said before a long time coming for us skateboarders and bmxers as a whole to have somewhere to go for great edits, practicing, or maybe just some free skate time.

 It took time and alot of effort form alot of great people around the city of Memphis to get this wonderful skatepark completed. Two thumbs up for the Mayor of Memphis AC Wharton, Skatelife Memphis, and the many others who had there hands in on this project.

Source: SkatelifeMemphis

Air Jordan 1 KO Premium

The KO Premium featuring tonal colorways combined with a classic trim profile and a red patch accent on the tongue, the shoe emits a polished eminence.  A custom Jordan insignia with the addition of the letters “KO” adorns the sneaker also, which is rounded out by a crosshatching pattern on the upper-construction of the shoe as well as the tongue. Each of the three colorways are set to release on November 12 for $130.

 Jordan is definitely one my favorite brands, it just seems like they always know what the consumer is looking for and they've come along way believe me. I thought the Jordan brand would only be a basketball shoe for the long haul, but over time I've learned the Jordan brand is not only in conversation with basketball, but also with stlye. Much Respect!

Source: Hypebeast,Bricksworth

Burnside Skatepark..

Bryce Kanights

Burnside skatepark in Portlant,Ore, just celebrated it's 20th anniversary on Halloween weekend with alot of "Don't Blink" stunts and plenty of maximum amp-cranking action.
Bryce Kanights
This skatepark reminds me of my old neighborhood growing up in South Memphis,TN, where there was always a park built under a bridge, but the location and creative bulid of Burnside skatepark is a sight for sore eyes for not only the skater but also your normal bypasser.

 Source: ESPN