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Mock NFL Draft 2016

By: Tre Bailey

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Mock NFL Draft 2016
(Top 10 Picks)

Let me start off by saying I am deeply sorry for the lack of content I have been producing since the end of the NCAA season, but I’m back to bring you a short draft analysis of the top 10 pick of this weekend’s draft and who I think should be drafted by each team.

Let’s Begin

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Los Angeles Rams (Round 1 Pick 1): The Rams managed to trade up from the 15th pick to the number one overall pick by way of the Tennessee Titans.

Team Needs: Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Center

Draft Pick: Jared Goff, Quarterback, University of California Berkeley

Analysis: With the Rams in need of a quarterback after a not so successful time with Sam Bradford calling the shots, and also requesting to be traded this off season. It only makes sense that they use their number one pick on the former University of Cal signal caller. With great size and decision making abilities Goff is hands down the best QB going into the draft and a perfect fit for the Rams

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Philadelphia Eagles (Round 1 Pick 2): Trading up from the 8th pick by way of the Cleveland Browns.

Team Needs: Running Back, Offensive Guard, Offensive Tackle

Draft Pick: Carson Wentz, Quarterback, North Dakota State University

Analysis: Although many experts say the Eagles aren’t in desperate need for a Quarterback I believe otherwise. With rather lackluster QB play over the previous years the Eagles are in serious need of a consistent signal caller. With Chip Kelley out and Doug Pederson in Carson Wentz should have an easy adjustment taking over as the signal caller.  The two time FCS national championship MVP looks to make a mark in the NFL with fantastic size and Sheer intelligence.

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San Diego Chargers (Round 1 Pick 3)

Team Needs: Defensive Line, Safety, Tight End

Draft Pick: Jalen Ramsey, Cornerback, Florida State University

Analysis: Needing to re-build a rather injury ridden secondary the chargers are a perfect fit for Jalen Ramsey. With great length, physicality, and speed; his ability to change direction and jam receivers will work nicely in a pass heavy AFC West.

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Dallas Cowboys (Round 1 Pick 4)

Team Needs: Corner Back, Quarter Back, Running Back

Draft Pick: Ezekiel Elliot, Running Back, Ohio State University

Analysis: After losing DeMarco Murray after a career season, the cowboys saw a significant drop off in their running attack. As a run first team the cowboys will be looking to add a dynamic playmaker to their backfield. Elliot who had an outstanding career at Ohio State Provides a dynamic similar to Marshall Faulk. His ability to run between the tackles and on the perimeter is signs of a top tier back, and his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield adds that extra threat.

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Jacksonville Jaguars (Round 1 Pick 5)

Team Needs: Outside Line Backer, Safety, Center

Draft Pick: Myles Jack, Linebacker, UCLA

Analysis: The Jags are looking for a dynamic playmaker to play on the edge and Jack is their guy. With an outstanding sophomore season Jack faced adversity as he tore his ACL just 3 games into his junior year. Dedicating the last year to recovering, Jack seems to be back and better than ever, but the question remains is he 100%. The Jags may be taking a gamble but at the end of the day it is a high risk high reward situation which may ultimately pay out in their favor.

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Baltimore Ravens (Round 1 Pick 6)

Team Needs: Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Corner Back

Draft Pick: Laremy Tunsil, Offensive Tackle, Ole Miss

Analysis: The Ravens are in need of protection, and if Tunsil falls to the 6th pick they will without a doubt draft him. With a massive frame and strength, Tunsil is your prototypical offensive linemen. Easily the best linemen in the draft he is a sure thing at pick number 6.

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San Francisco 49ers (Round 1 Pick 7)

Team Needs: Quarter Back, Inside Linebacker, Offensive Tackle

Draft Pick: Ronnie Stanley, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

Analysis: Staley was a three year starter for the Fighting Irish and only improved as time passed. A top tier pass protector; Stanley is set to protect any high-end quarterback in the league. Looking to rebuild after rather disappointing seasons from their super bowl runs starting with the offensive line isn’t quite a bad Idea.

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Cleveland Browns (Round 1 Pick 8): from the Philadelphia Eagles

Team Needs: Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Defensive Linemen

Draft Pick: Joey Bosa, Defensive End, Ohio State University

Analysis: The Browns will be looking to increase their pass rush by drafting Bosa with the 8th pick. Bosa carries a high motor, speed off of the edge, and good strength to pose a threat to any offensive tackle. His athleticism gives him the ability to drop in coverage, at the same time his strength and quickness allows him to beat double teams. Bosa would be a key component in the rebirth of the 
Browns defense.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Round 1 Pick 9)

Team Needs: Corner Back, Offensive Tackle, Safety

Draft Pick: Vernon Hargreaves, Corner Back, University of Florida

Analysis: With doubts in his size, some may think Hargreaves shouldn’t be a high first round pick. His stats and production in college say otherwise. His ability to disrupt passes, find the ball in the air, and his explosive nature is pure natural talent. He has the ability to run with some of the fastest there is and compete for 50/50 balls against taller receivers. Tampa Bay is in need for a new corner and they will find a consistent one in Hargreaves.

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New York Giants (Round 1 Pick 10)

Team Needs: Linebacker, Wide Receiver, Offensive Line

Draft Pick: Jack Conklin, Offensive Tackle, Michigan State University

Analysis: Wanting to beef up that offensive line that allowed just only 27 sacks last year the Giants could find themselves drafting a centerpiece for their future offensive line. Conklin has great technique and strength, but lacks in quickness. His natural athleticism should make up for most of his small issues as long as he’s in the right system. The Giants would be a perfect fit for him seeing a great improvement this past year.

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