Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mighty Crown x Nike Sportswear 20th Anniversary Collection

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, world-renowned Reggae band Mighty Crown teams up with Nike Sportswear on a special footwear collaboration. Comprised of a Dunk Hi Premium and Skyforce 88 Low LTR, the lineup makes use of several material choices, including elephant, crocodile and snake textured leathers, along with classic suede and black/grey tones... This Kicks need to be on my feet when the they release  September 25 via select Nike Sportswear retailers. The Dunk Hi Premium and Skyforce 88 Low LTR are priced at  $192 for the Dunks and $178 for the Sky force.. Just Can't say enuff about NIKE...


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DC Thompson On The Move...

Recently returning from the Grands — at Derby City BMX track at EP "Tom" Sawyer Park and the Louisville Skatepark in Kentucky, DC is a man that's willing to make the trip to Blaze the trails wherever or whenever. I mean the guy makes most trips bike on bike,lol, the first thing he told me was it's all about the speed.

With DC on board at Sergio Kosco I believe that puts the Brand in "Blackout Mode." The guy is stright up fearless on the bike, but Ohh yes he takes his crashes for more on that tune in to his facebook page... SERGIO KOSCO- SUMMER- 2012.

                                                                  TEKA Photography

                                                                 "DON'T BLINK"

Ronnie Napolitan - Summer 2011- from Haro Bikes

This is one helleva edit to end the Summer with Ronnie Napolitan showing off some incredible tails whips and he even came off a building like a supa hero,lol. Overall fascinating and enjoyable edit to watch from Ronnie Napolitan and Haro Bikes for you fellow BMX lovers..

Ronnie Napolitan - Summer 2011 from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

$1 million bonus for the skater who wins four Maloof Money Cup events in a row

The Maloof Money Cup is one of the most interesting events on the skateboarding calendar this year. For the $1,000,000 bonus prize you must win 4 MMC events in a row, that's alot of bumps and bruises, but for a cool million I'd do more than consider taking things to the next level for a payday like that.

I have family in D.C. so next year I will be in Washington to witness this action packed event. Most skaters that participate in Maloof Money Cup still have a chance to will that cool million, here's a glimpse of a round.