Sunday, October 16, 2011


Dominique Watts, SergioKosco Founder

One thing I do know that is planned for the next few months is no sleep, with our skateboard event ( Yet to be named) proposal near completion for Tobey Skatepark in Memphis,Tn, hot new designs, new team members, more edits ( Both BMX and Skateboard), and not to mention the debut of, we're expecting to make a serious push for the top spot in our market. Here are a few designs we were gonna release this summer, but the creator of the design left the brand so out of respect for the guy we at SergioKosco choose not to print... I guess this is one of those times were you ask yourself what if....

Recently named President of the brand Cory Burks has definitely put in alot of ground work getting SergioKosco ready for a exciting year, we will be heading to Atlanta to meet with our clothing manufacturer in December to make some final decision on some new threads SergioKosco is looking to release around fall 2012. "DONT BLINK"
DC Thompson, Nesbit,Ms, SergioKosco Team Member

Monday, October 10, 2011

Make Way Memphis...Coming Soon Tobey Park...

We're really hyped in Memphis,TN, with a brand new skatepark soon to be completed. I found some great blueprint pics of the skatepark below, this is going to be a great spot for the local and out of town skateboarder just looking to skate with no problem or penalty.
Tobey Fields Skatepark will be 10,000 sqft, I also found this great skatepark design video from wormhoudt inc. Check it out... Source: Skatelife Memphis, Wormhoudt Inc.,Youtube

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Memphis Skatboarding... Gotta luv it! Filmed and edited by Wes Eaton

Here in my hometown Memphis,TN, were a basketball city not really known for extreme sports, but that doesn't mean we don't have talent lurking the streets.. Lucky for us Wes Eaton is a guy catching some of the hottest tricks in the M-Town! Just gotta love what's going on at Greenlaw community center, Keep it going Wes!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

SERGIO KOSCO UPDATES, And A Exclusive Look At Bathing Ape Founder: NIGO.. And His New Brand Human Made. ( Must See!).

When I first became aware of the brand A Bathing Ape, well first to be honest I think of the song ( I Got Me Sum Bathing Apes!) by Soulja Boy when he was just starting out the gate. So now after some of my own research on the brand which is a Japanese clothing company founded by Nigo in 1993, and still going strong with his new brand HUMAN MADE. I have plenty of pics of his HUMAN MADE 2011 Fall/Winter Lookbook, which is pretty HOT, but my only problem is why in the hell didn't NIGO hire a model? Lol, I just can't believe this guy showed out like this with a Exclusive Human Made photoshoot featuring NIGO,lol.
OK I gotta throw some shot Nigo... You look like "The ONE" part 2,lol.
On another note, let's not forget were letting Jimmie out the gate in 2012!
This guy is gonna shock the world with his skillz on the board no doubt were a good match,
Hot new designs coming soon, along with the debut of 2012 is the year of the SK... "Don't Blink"