Thursday, September 15, 2016

College Football Weekly

by Tre Bailey (@Trebailey14)

College Football Weekly

First off let me start this blog off by apologizing... I know it’s going into the third week of CFB but understand I am a college student and have so much on my plate right now, while that is no excuse for my lack of content updates I hope anyone who reads this blog on a consistent basis understands what I am going through and supports me no matter what. With that being said let’s start off where we left off last season and keep the train rolling!

I’ll start with the first week of ball, Houston went off on Oklahoma with a small margin win, Greg Ward III is the truth at the QB position and has proven to all fans that he can perform under the lights; while a highly anticipated OU team lost. Deshaun Watson and his Clemson tigers are off to a pretty slow start as well as the Ohio State Buckeyes. While both teams are 2-0 at this point we can note both of the offenses have seen some struggles in the first half. Secondly I have seen a University of Texas team succeed under the pressure that it has needed for years to come. I think that Texas is one of those teams that no one can sleep on this year as the Big XII is wide open for who could be the outright champ.

The SEC has proven that it isn’t the top conference in the nation but still retains the top teams in CFB. With that being said there are teams in the ACC that can give the SEC a run for their money let alone top teams in the other power 5 conferences.

Greg Ward III has stepped on the scene early as a Heisman candidate with his amazing stats down at the University of Houston. While the school is still in the American Conference; Houston has made a statement of why they should be in the Big XII; The conference is currently wide open with the youngest team being the only undefeated.

Now let’s talk some business... Oklahoma lost to Houston Week one, Notre Dame Lost to Texas in an Overtime thriller, Alabama dominated USC with a smooth statement from Lane Kiffin to the Athletic Coordinator. Arizona States RB tied a NCAA record with 8td’s against Texas Tech in week 2 at home with a poor defensive effort from Tech. Florida state came back at half time to beat a talented Ole Miss team week 1. There’s still a ton of great football to be played including this weekend. Let’s not mention that Oklahoma State lost to Central Michigan because the referees made a GIANT mistake, but this wouldn’t be the first time the refs did that to Oklahoma State. There are a lot of FCS teams who should have come out with victories against FBS teams as well, so it makes you think if the NCAA is as tough as possible... Texas and Wisconsin also both jumped into the top 15 after defeating ranked opponents who were in the top 10, so it makes you wonder what the ranking system is like this year? 

This weekend Oklahoma plays Ohio State and OU’s backup QB is the one talking trash (what a game that will be). Texas Tech looks to redeem themselves from an embarrassing defensive performance against a no name running back at Arizona State who in fact only scored 9 career TD’s prior to the game last Saturday…

Major games this weekend.

Ohio State (3) Vs Oklahoma (14)
Michigan State (12) Vs Notre Dame (18)

Texas A&M (17) Vs Auburn; simply because I don’t feel like A&M has found themselves yet and are susceptible to an early loss this year

Texas (11) Vs Cal; Texas lost to Cal last year on a special teams play, it will be interesting to see how they bounce back with a young team and ride the momentum off of the Notre Dame victory.

Aside from Alabama, there are some solid games within the top 25 this week, while it may be too early to predict the Heisman; I expect all contenders to preform above and beyond this weekend before most conferences reach inner conference play

Week 1 Highlights


Week 2 highlights


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