Tuesday, November 1, 2016

College Football Playoff Update

by (@trebailey14)

College Football Update

Sorry for the hiatus my friends, but now is the best time to hit you all with a couple of updates now that we are a good way through the season.

Playoff Picture

Well what does this exactly mean, I’ll you. First of all, for the teams outside of the top 4 it means that they have some work to do, and need a little bit of luck to hopefully secure a spot in the top 10 by the end of the season. For the teams in the top 4 now it means that they need to keep working on getting better and realize that they can’t afford to drop off one bit. The teams on the outside will be hunting for a spot and there are a couple of teams currently in the Top who I can potentially see falling out.

Here's the First round of rankings:

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Michigan

4. Texas A&M

5. Washington

6. Ohio State

7. Louisville

8. Wisconsin

9. Auburn

10. Nebraska

11. Florida

12. Penn State

13. LSU

14. Oklahoma

15. Colorado

16. Utah

17. Baylor

18. Oklahoma State

19. Virginia Tech

20. West Virginia

21. North Carolina

22. Florida State

23. Western Michigan

24. Boise State

25. Washington State

Notice that A&M (7-1) is 4th above Washington (8-0) this is because the power of schedule played with A&M’s only loss coming from number 1 Alabama. Now teams who are in trouble of falling out of playoff contention come the end of the season.

Ohio State: facing struggles as of lately, the buckeyes face a tough back half of the schedule. With Nebraska (9) at home, Maryland and Michigan State on the road, closing out with Michigan (2) at home; the buckeyes will need to win the rest of their games plus the BIG 10 championship to secure a spot.

Michigan: while they have been dominating all season, the wolverines still have to travel to Columbus. A loss to the Buckeyes could ruin their chances at a playoff run. I imagine that the winner of the Michigan Ohio State game goes on to the Playoffs as long as Ohio State doesn’t drop a game between now and then.

Washington: I don’t see them losing a game this season, but their situation is pretty crappy. The PAC 12 is absolutely terrible this year which can affect them when it comes down to strength of schedule. That is why they are currently ranked behind 5 behind A&M their only hope in my opinion is to remain undefeated and hope the voters see that playing in a championship game weighs more than A&M not playing.

Texas A&M: at 7-1 the Aggies have been playing out of their mind this season with their only loss this season coming to Bama you could say if the Aggies finish 11-1 their season is beyond successful. The only issue is they won’t play in the SEC championship game which could hurt them against a team who does play a championship game. If Washington remains undefeated, and wins the PAC-12 outright and the championship game they could catch the short end of the stick and fall out of the picture. Let’s see if they can evade any late season turmoil that they have suffered in the past.

Wisconsin: I mention them because they are in a pretty good situation. With 2 losses coming from Ohio State and Michigan their resume looks good. If they win the BIG 10 west and go on to win the Conference championship they could be looking at a shot of getting into the playoff picture. Regardless the championship game will be a rematch between either Ohio State or Michigan. But a lot of help would be needed, but it isn’t impossible.

There’s plenty of football left in the season and plenty of scenarios could play out. That’s why I love college football never know what is going to happen at the end of the day.

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